PKV rate change, or change to GKV?

PKV rate change, or change to GKV?

A different tariff than the existing one in a private health insurance is more useful for some private insured if the existing private tariff has become more expensive. Because from this year some insurers have increased your contribution. Call your private health insurance representative and ask for other rates that are cheaper. The health check will be canceled if you go to another rate within your health insurance. Often, the newer rates of private health insurance offer more favorable contributions and much more benefits than the previous tariffs. Here you can read trading binary options strategies and tactics pdf.

If you still want to switch to the statutory health insurance, some conditions have to be fulfilled, so that you can do it. It depends, for example, on your income, which must remain under a certain merit, both as an employee and as a self-employed person. In the case of employees, only people aged up to 55 are still admitted to the statutory health insurance scheme, and private health insurance ends with students, if they are not earned at a higher rate.

Often as an advantage, the contribution reimbursement is included in private health insurance. There is, on the one hand, the possibility that the private insurer receives a contribution reimbursement if he did not need the benefits of his insurance. Under certain circumstances, reimbursement is also possible with the statutory health insurance scheme. There is also a reimbursement of contributions to the PKV where a certain surplus is credited to policyholders within a period of max. three years. This reimbursement is due to an adjustment of the contribution. And the other option is the one surplus from the long-term care insurance.

PKV customer have the idea to change to the GKV

The surplus can be paid to insured persons, for example, by reducing contributions or by making a one-time contribution or by paying a special cash payment. The special distribution in cash can be carried out, for example, by constant contributions (annually).

If you as PKV customer have the idea to change to the GKV, then – my advice – ask your PKV after a different tariff, which is often better of the performance, and is more favorable. If you would like to change nevertheless, certain conditions must be observed in the changeover to GKV. If you change your GKV to the cost reimbursement principle, you can also make a contribution reimbursement.

As is photovoltaic plants?

In the case of photovoltaic plants, solar radiation is converted into electrical current via solar modules. The solar modules are attached to or on buildings by means of a substructure or placed on a free surface. The solar modules differ in terms of their technical design and the performance capacity to generate electricity.

The benefits of a photovoltaic plant

Investing in an investment can have two aspects. The electricity produced is used in its entirety or in part by itself or is fed into the public electricity supply in whole or in part. In both cases, the owner of a plant receives a feed-in tariff, which is regulated via a feed-in law. This payment is guaranteed for twenty years, which provides a high level of planning security for the investor. The amount of feed-in depends on various factors such as size and mode of operation (roof or open spaces) and the type of electricity use. Funding and tax optimization are further factors of effective financing.